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Internal Business Documents


SCOE Financial reports


Risk Management

All Risk Management forms should be completed in full and returned to Erica Finlay at the SCOE Main Office. Please do not submit directly to NBSIA.

Student Accident Online Submission Form

**Click on "Student Accident Report" at the top of the page to access the submission portal**


Surplus items forms & instructions



Overnight Travel Reimbursement for Out of the Area Per Diem Meals

Step 1: Determine the per diem rate by location.
Step 2: Go to the second link and find the corresponding M&I rate under the total column. This will give you the breakdown per meal. IE is the incidental expenses rate, but it only applies to overnight travel.

By Location (Step 1):
Per Diem Rates Look-Up
Look for M&IE (meals and incidental expenses) rate in the far right column.

Daily Meal Breakdown (Step 2):
Meal and Incidental Expenses Breakdown
This table will give you the breakdown per meal.