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Solano Schools Register Learning Models with the State
Posted 1/27/21

Solano County, CA- Solano County Office of Education as well as every school district, charter school and private school in Solano County and across the state had a January 25, 2021 deadline to notify the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) whether it is serving students in-person or not. This notification and registration is part of the state’s plan to create a school dashboard that would provide information about which school sites are serving students in-person and the extent that in-person services are being provided. 

CDPH stated the information will be publicly available on the Safe Schools For All Hub website. Local health agencies will be equipped with data to prevent and mitigate ongoing community COVID-19 transmission. The plan also commits much needed public health resources to support schools, including COVID-19 testing support, contact tracing, and technical assistance related to mitigation strategies and operational plans.

“The Solano County Office of Education and local school administrators are working hard to do everything possible to return to widespread in-person instruction in a manner that is safe for students and staff. Participating in this statewide endeavor and providing the data is key to doing so,” remarked Solano Superintendent of Schools Lisette Estrella-Henderson.

According to the CDPH guidance issued on January 14, 2021 the local educational agency or private school must report the grade levels and instruction under four types of learning models: in-person instruction is provided full-time; in-person instruction is provided only part-time (hybrid model); in-person instruction and services are provided only pursuant to the Guidance Related to Cohorts issued by CDPH; or no in-person instruction and services are provided (distance learning only). This reporting from schools will continue every other week until further notice from the state.