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SCOE & Benicia's FNL Club Selected to Present at Statewide Youth Summit
Posted 10/28/20

Benicia Friday Night Live Club​​​​​​​

The Benicia High School’s Youth Advocacy club, Friday Night Live (FNL) presented at the statewide Virtual Youth Summit. The club did not let school closures or the transition to virtual meetings slow them down. Instead, the group developed a resource to help peers cope with the stresses of COVID-19 and distance learning. The result is a video and presentation on Brain Dance, a full body-brain exercise that reduces stress, increases levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin, and helps develop new neural connections. 

The Virtual Youth Summit was an opportunity for young people from across California to come together to share, connect, create, and empower one another to make their local communities safer and healthier. Participants had the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers, attend a variety of workshops, and participate in interactive activities to prepare them for an unprecedented year of action! The event was hosted by the California Friday Night Live Partnership in collaboration with the California Youth Council. 

Benicia FNL is one of a handful of youth groups selected to run a 45-minute workshop during the summit. The first half of this workshop focused on healthy and unhealthy stress relief, with an emphasis on how alcohol and drugs negatively affect your body and increase stress, the second half was an interactive activity leading students through the six movements of Brain Dance to help alleviate stress and re-energize their bodies. The Club also created a companion video, which can be accessed at the Benicia FNL Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Tenth grader Lillian Theis, a member of the club is proud of the work they have done, stating “We created brain dance to give young developing minds a way to grow. we thought making a video would be a fun and beneficial way to reach younger audiences.”